Top Travel Bloggers

I’m still new at this and unfortunately I haven’t started my adventures yet. Not to worry though, plenty of travellers blog their experiences for us to see and make us jealous.

Here are five I’ve found interesting so far.

1) The Globe-Trotting Graduate


Now this is a blog by a graduate called Lydia who since last year has been to India, Thailand, China, Croatia, Spain amongst other destinations. Her blog documents her experiences during her travels and providing advice to others who are about to travel even offering tips about budgeting and potential scams.

2) Wandering Earl


Earl describes himself as a “permanent nomad”, not that I’m encouraging everyone else to be like this but a guy who is constantly on the move is is probably someone to listen to. He has written books which offer crucial advice and even conducts his own tours in destinations such as Vietnam and Istanbul which “include accommodation, transportation, many meals, entrance fees and activities”.

3) The Student Travels


This is another graduate called Lauren, who has been to a lot of places to do a variety of things, from relaxing on a beach in Barbados to teaching children in China. She presents detailed posts on how to plan a journey and on a budget too!

4) Mapping Megan


Don’t be fooled by the name, this blog is much more than Megan, the beauty of this blog is the collaborations with other travellers and bloggers. Loaded with all kinds of information from basic helpful pointers to specific countries and even guest videos, it’s a blog definitely worth viewing.

5) Getting Stamped


Now this is a blog by a married couple who dropped everything to explore the world. Having the time of their lives, they are showing the world how much fun they are having and at the same time offering advice to show us how easy it is.

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