What about South America?

South America should definitely be on your mind for a long journey. A huge continent, rich in diversity and culture, it seems guaranteed to give the adventure of a lifetime.

rsz_1south_america_color-coded_regions                                                        Credit

Its best features, perfectly described by Lonely Planet are the “Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife”.

On one hand you can relax on the tropical beaches and find solace in the towns and villages, or touring churches and temples.


However you could be more radical and journey through the rainforests and jungles, go hiking through the mountains, visit the magnificent waterfalls and take part in festivals and carnivals.


If you think Notting Hill Carnival is good wait till you get to Brazil.

(Picture with permission by Billy Grey)

South America and the Caribbean is where the inspiration comes from and when you watch the video below you will see why.

Amazing atmosphere right? These take place all across South America so if you go in February you will be in luck.

A trip to South America doesn’t have to be that expensive depending on how long you’re staying for. £1500-£3000 is all you need to make a standard trip happen. If you want a starting point have a look at Tucan or STA.

In the video below we have Billy who is currently travelling South America.

(Picture with permission from Billy Grey)

We got an interview with him before he left in which he talks about the trip and how he planned it.

For those not looking for adventure there is plenty of volunteer work out there involving looking after underprivileged children, teaching English to children and adults, building schools and rebuilding communities. This can be done for free via Volunteer South America who offer a wide range of choices.


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