Get in touch with your spiritual side

Not all trips are about fun, some people would rather go on a pilgrimage. There are a number of places to go in this case and programs to help you get there, depending on your religion.


For Muslims, maybe now is the time to think about a Hajj trip. The Holy Prophet described Hajj as “the most important journey for any Muslim”. Mecca is the dream for most Muslims, luckily various organisations such as Dome or Haj Tours can turn this dream into a reality.

As a Christian you are spoilt for choice on where to go for a religious expedition, you can take tours to the Holy Land, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Jordan. Alternatively you could go to, France, Italy (Vatican), Prague or Spain. Programs like this can be found on Worldwide Christian Travel, Pax Travel, Oak Hall and Globus Faith.

(Picture with permission from Gabrielle Layman)

Israel is an option that will appeal to Christians and Jews. From a Jewish perspective such a trip will strengthen identity as well as educate you more on traditions and culture. Examples of a few organisations providing short trips (a lot of which are sponsored or funded by busaries) are Taglit-Birthright, Shalom Israel Tours, BBYO. For a longer trip FZY is an option to look at, its widely recognised in the Jewish community for its Year Course which gives “the opportunity to study, volunteer, travel, learn to live independently and gain invaluable skills”.

(Picture with permission from Gabrielle Layman)

In our video below we have Gabi who begun the FZY course but cut it short due to a number of personal and professional reasons. This is not to discourage others but certain trips aren’t for everyone so think carefully before deciding to go.


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