Almost everybody wants to go to some part of the States at one point in their life.

(Picture with permission from Alice Mason)

Just like Australia or other countries in the world the size of the USA puts England to shame and with over 50 states to choose from its easy to be spoilt for choice.

Most people want to do a road trip of the whole country, which if planned properly can be  once in a lifetime experience. Alternatively you can travel via one coast at a time depending on which your preference is.

Golden Gate Bridge                                       (Credit)

I myself spent a month in the West Coast but only got to visit two cities, Los Angeles and Las Vegas (And Vegas isn’t as fun when you’re under 21). Unfortunately I still missed out on places like San Fransico, Arizona, Seattle and the Grand Canyon.

Hopefully I can correct this in a few years as well as doing a tour of the East Coast where major states like New York, Florida, Maryland and Massachusetts will be visited.

(Picture with permission from Sunveer Sandhu)

You may even want to work out there. Summer is the best time for this as they have camps all over the place in addition to various internships across the country (depending on what your field of study is).

In the video below we have Ciaran and Alice. Ciaran is going to spend three months touring the US and will leave next year after recently making his final payment. Alice has spent her last two summers there as a counsellor in Camp America and is returning to the Camp this year for five months and in addition to doing an internship beforehand.


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