Five websites to get you started

If you want to plan a long trip the key is preparation. I have spoken to numerous people during this project and they all said the same thing, “Do your research!”.

Instead of boring yourself looking through whatever pops on on Google have a look at some of the sites recommended to me by the people who did their research before choosing a journey.

1) STA highly recommended for students, offering packages for those who want to explore, work or volunteer. They also have a number of stores where you can have a more intimate meeting to get the best deal for yourself.


2) ISV is more suited for students looking to do volunteer programs (with a side of adventure). Highly rated in their 30 years of service, they offer a wide variety of programs that involve children, wildlife, preservation of nature and helping local villages across different continents.


3) Visit USA is for those with only America on their minds, offering different packages suited to how, where and when you want to travel.


4) Camp America is a nice option to have for those looking to spend a summer working. I’m sure anyone who’s seen an American teen movie will know what camp is and how fun it can be. Every year they are in need of counsellors and support staff to work with the kids. Paid work of course, after which you can use your wages to explore the cities.


5) If you’re looking for a place to stay in Australia, YHA are one of the best hostel sites for youths offering nice, safe places to stay at affordable prices. If you become a member you can also receive discounts on hostels, travel gear, train tickets and much more.


So when you have the courage to book a trip, have one of these sites in mind for the best deals possible.


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