Let’s start with the land down under, formerly a dumping ground for our nation’s naughtiest criminals, Australia has transformed into a land of paradise where many crave the style of living.

(Picture with permission from Emily Denham)

My reasons for wanting to go to this place are simple, the weather, easy lifestyle and the fact that I wouldn’t have to learn another language.

ISV describes Australia as a land with “famous cosmopolitan cities, magnificent beaches, untouched rainforests, unique wildlife and the one-of-a-kind beauty of World Heritage sites”.

It’s a country vast in size and opportunity, the cities are vibrant with landmarks like the Sydney Opera house, Bondi Beach, Fraser Island and Melbourne Cricket Ground while the outback offers deserts, mountains and jungles.


Its neighbouring countries Fiji and New Zealand, are just as good in terms of scenery and views and are locations you can include in certain packages if you choose to go Australia.

Because Australia is so close to the ocean it offers a range of activities such as relaxing on the beach, surfing, kayaking and snorkelling (on the Great Barrier Reef), white water rafting, rappelling down mountains and visiting Aboriginal cultural centres, if you want to meet the real natives of Australia.

(Picture with permission from Emily Denham)

Instead of a long holiday there is a lot of volunteer work available in Australia. Due to a growing list of environmental issues and a high extinction rate for wildlife people are needed to work on habitat restoration & protection as well as conservation of nature sanctuaries for wildlife. Additionally help is needed for the construction of eco-tourism facilities amongst other projects.

(Picture with permission from Emily Denham)

In the video below we have Emily and Josh who between them visited Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Emily also talks about Thailand while Josh ended up in the US, both are places to be featured in future posts.


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